88 Karissa Burnett

Safety, Wide Receiver
Current Team

Karissa A. Burnett is the fourth child out of seven who is also teaming up to play alongside with her younger sister Brittany Burnett. She was born and raised in Memphis, Tn on May 20, 1991. She is 25 and standing at 5’5. You haven’t met a true Taurus and a Lakers fan until you have met her. She studied Business Administration with a concentration in Human resources at The Tennessee State University. She hopes to persue a career in training and development through human resources and later Own and operate a chain of family owned businesses. She is most passionate about customer service, helping others, family, friends, cooking, Wine lol and her new found love with the Music City MizFits. She loves to compete, so watch out for number 88 on the field. ( Kobe in the clutch two times)