21 Brennan Crabtree

Cornerback, Safety, Wide Receiver, Tight End
Current Team

Brennan Crabtree is a 22-year-old rookie for the Music City Mizfits. She was born and raised in Athens, Alabama. Although she is new to the game of football, Brennan is no stranger to competing as she played every sport available at her high school. After one year of college basketball, she decided to move to Nashville, TN to continue her degree. She is currently a finance major at the University of Memphis. Brennan spends her free time jamming to live music, skateboarding, and gallivanting around East Nashville.

I am excited for the opportunity to play alongside  these strong women in this male-dominated sport. I chose to play football to expand my knowledge of the game and gain mental and physical toughness, but, most importantly, I am playing because my mom did not allow me to when I was younger. (I’m fine, Mom.)