Mizfits Unveil Initiative Designed To Pay Players

NASHVILLE, TN- Women’s football is very much like men’s football; big hits, exciting touchdowns, lots of emotion. One thing that has traditionally been different has been the pay. While male professional footballers typically draw large checks from the teams they play for, and many semi-pro men’s teams have some sort of pay scale, women players usually have played only for the love of the game. Music City Mizfits owner Donita Hines is looking to change that. “I’ve been playing this game for over 10 years and have never gotten paid. It’s time for us to do better,” she said.

Hines wanted a way to pay the players that perform on the field, as well as helping the team bring in fans, so she came up with 2 different ways each player on the roster can get paid. The first way, Most Valuable Player, is probably the more traditional route,  performance on the field. “We always do team awards at the end of the season. I thought it would be nice to get a check as well as an award. So this year’s offensive and defensive players of the year will get $250”. Player stats, leadership and hustle factor in to who wins these awards, and while Hines herself will not be eligible to win MVP, she is excited to see who will. “Girls like Jamie Lock, Ja’Shara Burns, Heidi McGuire, and Jessica Phelps, they’ve played ball before without getting paid. So it should be interesting to see how they perform with some money on the table”.

The other way Mizfit players can get paid is by having the Most Valuable Fans. The player who sells the most tickets to individual games will get matched, dollar for dollar, to how much money they sold in tickets. “I just thought that if you had girls out on the field fighting for a paycheck, why wouldn’t they fight just as hard to help sell the team off the field?”, Hines said. “Over the years, we’ve had some players who were able to get fans to come to the games and some who haven’t. I feel like if there was some sort of incentive to go with it, more players will get involved with helping the team out in this area”.

Music City opens their 2018 season April 7th in Ohio, against the Cincinnati Sizzle. Season tickets are on sale now and can be purchased HERE. For more information on the team, please call Don at 615-818-2839 or email musiccitymizfits@gmail.com


  1. Something that I’ve seen is after team dues were met, players got a portion of ticket and sponsorship money that way the team and player both make money. I had one of my guys do this and he had made $400 to pay for a brand new helmet.

    1. Basically the same idea…hard to pay players today simply because the money just isn’t there. Would be a big help if the leagues would push to get more TV time, ad revenue, etc…

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