8 Donita Hines

Quarterback, Defensive End
Current Team
8 Donita Hines, MCM
Past Teams
8 Donita Hines, Nashville Dream, Nashville SmasHERS, Clarksville Fox, Southern Valkyrie

My name is Donita Hines-Ragsdale. I’m 5’8″, 36 years old from Richmond, VA. I grew up military and have lived in and out of the country. I’m married to Donald Ragsdale, with 5 wonderful kids. I’ve played multiple sports over the years including basketball, track and field, volleyball, flag football and golf. I have been playing football since 2005 with the Nashville Dream. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with many great teams: Clarksville Foxx, Nashville SmasHers, Southern Valkyrie, Atlanta Heartbreakers, Derby City Dynamite(aka Da’Ville) and now the Mizfits. There’s been several league’s: NWFA, IWFL, WSFL, LAFL and now the WFA. I have played every position on the football field, including kicker and punter. I love football and have met so many wonderful women who I call friends, and some who became best friends. My hope is that one day, not only my team but the entire sport of women’s football gets the respect and recognition it deserves.